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Extra Words in Kids’ Speech: You can help our science with your input!

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We are looking for Extra Words in Kids’ Speech, i.e. cases where children express themselves in a longer or more round-about way than adults would. You may think of these as “errors” of the child, but they are very interesting for us. Here’s why: Most frequently children leave out words when they express themselves like “Want!” or “Me.” If children stick in extra words, that’s cool! For example, adults in English say “It’s bigger.”, but children might say “It’s more big.” or “more bigger”. And if we see many children producing the SAME extra words, that needs an explanation, especially when we find something similar across languages.

So if you have been with a child regularly and noticed a type of sentence where they produce “Extra Words” please drop us a note!  The best would be if you fill out this form: