• Nov. 7 2021: Presentation by F. Martin, Y. Nie, A. Alexiadou, and M. T. Guasti: “Wearing causation on its sleeve: Overt CAUSE in child French causatives” at BUCLD 46. Schedule and abstracts here.


  • On Nov. 4 2021, K. Yatsushiro, C. Dal Farra, A. Gonzalez, J. Hein, S. Silleresi, A. Avellana, G. Gayathri, A. Huang, J. Ilori, L. Pintér, M. Guasti, and U. Sauerland presented “How children ask questions across languages” at BUCLD 46. Schedule and abstracts here.
  • On May 27 2021, Artemis Alexiadou (HU Berlin) and Adriana Belletti (U of Siena) debated the topic of “Voice”. The “Linguistics Flash – Mobs” video conferences can be streamed on youtube at the following link:
  • On May 19 2021, Uli Sauerland (ZAS Berlin) presented “A Meaning First Approach to Generative Grammar.” at the 12th Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science: Linguistic & Cognitive Foundations of Meaning.
  • March 1-5 2021: Seminar Week (internal)