Study participants wanted!

For the linguistic project LeibnizDream we are looking for volunteers to take part in our online studies. You will receive a small monetary compensation for each time you participate.

The goal of our research is to better understand how thoughts become language. In a typical study, you may be asked to look at images or listen to short sentences. Based on what you saw or heard, your task will be to select something on the screen, describe an image, or give a verbal response.

If we have sparked your interest, enter your name and email address in the form below and click submit. As soon as a new study is available, we will contact you. Every time you receive an invitation you can decide whether you would like to participate.

Please note

By providing your contact information, you agree that the staff of the LeibnizDream project may 1.) inform you about studies and 2.) invite you to participate. You do not enter into any obligations. Both providing your contact information and participating in the study are completely voluntary. You can request the deletion of your contact data at any time. Your data will be used exclusively by the staff members associated with the project to conduct scientific studies.